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You and Walgreens (Last Update April 12, 2016)

  • You & Walgreens provides helpful tips on how to combat and defeat stress
  • For example they advise people to learn how to say no.  Many people accept more responsibilities than they can handle
  • Next time your asked to lead the cub scout meeting tell them no thanks
  • It is recommended you register for the site if you plan om visiting often
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About:  You and Walgreens services provides tools, tips, trends and health news to registered users.  The site is associated with OptumHealth Care Solutions, Inc. and should not be used as a substitute for your doctor or other health care professional’s care.  The site is for information purposes only.  Having said that You & Walgreens does provide great tip and information about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  If you’re looking for tips and information on how to lose weight, what to eat to help lose weight and live longer and happier, ways to combat stress and a variety of other health related information this site is for you.  A user can also obtain more details on diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory conditions and pain management.  For example acute and chronic pain can affect any part of the body. You and Walgreens offers treatment advice and relief methods to help with your pain.  Another popular topic they cover in-depth is stress management.  Humans need a certain amount of stress to function daily but too much can become a problem.  It is a proven fact that people with high stress levels get sick easier and have less happiness in their life.  Stress can also rack up medical care cost quickly if you’re getting sick often.


Walgreens:  Founded in 1901 Walgreens is the largest drug retailing chain.  They are based out of Deerfield IL and were founded by Charles R Walgreens.  It seems like you can’t travel a few miles in a major US city without finding a Walgreens.  They have drug stores in all 50 states to include District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  The majority of their profits come from drug prescriptions.  Besides pharmacy and health products they also offer candy and snacks.  Most Walgreens are also equipped with a photo center.  They are a publically traded company and can be found on both the New York Stock and NASDAQ exchange under ticker symbol WAG.