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About:  The Oregon Employment Department allows a user to perform a variety of claim related activity online.  Please note that is down from 12:30am to 2:00am PT each night for system maintenance.  This Online Claim System allows a user to file a claim, check the status of a claim, see the status of your current weekly claim report, reopen an old claim, make changes to your address for unemployment insurance purposes, obtain 1099G tax information, sign up for direct deposit and much more.  The site is easy to use and it may take a few days to hear back after you submit your claim depending on the current back log.  If you would like to file a claim in person please visit your local WorkSource Oregon office.  If you are approved for benefits Yyu can choose to have state or federal taxes, both, or neither withheld from your benefits. If you choose neither you will be responsible for paying them at year’s end come tax season.  The general public cannot obtain your claim information but certain state and federal agencies (such as the Department of Veterans Affairs) can obtain information if it pertains to job duties.  Social Security does not affect your employment benefits in most cases but retirement pay will.  If you’re in receipt of retirement pay this will need to be reported at the time of application.  The Oregon Employment Department was created in 1993 and supports economic stability for Oregonians and communities during times of unemployment through the payment of unemployment benefits.  The organization also attempts to match employers with people who are looking for work.  They also work with other Government and State agencies to help guide them to appropriate training programs and job experiences for available workers.


  • Competition: none
  • Services:   Employment Benefits
  • Address:  900 Court St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97301
  • Phone: (877) 877-1781

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