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Work 4 Pacific Convenience and Fuels

Ditch your Obama phone and get a job.  Pacific Convenience and Fuels are now hiring competent people to perform a variety of duties within the company.  Actually if you have a Obama phone you most likely are not competent.  If you have ever applied or been hired through the JobApp service please sign in to your account.  If your new to the system you will have to complete a brief registration process.  Upon your application you will have to provide your contact information, availability, education and previous employers.  

PC&F seeks out individuals with varying levels of experience, unique ideas and different talents.  They are seeking qualified individuals to work at their stores and Support Centers.  All Support Center jobs are located in our Pleasanton, CA Support Center unless otherwise noted.  Please live in the Pleasanton area or be willing to relocate if you apply for a support center job.  In store jobs include:

  • Store Manager
  • Store Assistant Manager
  • Customer Service Representative

When applying for a customer rep position please meet the minimum qualifications:

  1. High School diploma or GED preferred
  2. Sales Experience
  3. Ability to work alone whenever necessary, arrive on time, communicate clearly in ENGLISH
  4. Experience in working with specialized equipment, tools and materials that are found in gas stations

Pacific Convenience & Fuels offers outstanding benefits in the form of health care, dental, 401k, paid vacation and sick days, life insurance and Tuition Reimbursement for those who qualify.  Please note that benefits may differ based upon position held and amount of hours worked be week.

Pacific Convenience and Fuels

PCF owns and operates over 300 gas stations in the states of Texas, Washington, Colorado, California and Oregon.  Besides gas you can also find drinks, snacks, beer, first aid products, lotto tickets and much more.   Pacific Convenience and Fuels partners with 76, Conoco, Circle K and Chevron to deliver trusted products and good value to consumers.

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