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About Work4BK:

Allows you to apply for employment at Burger King.  To apply please have a valid email address and a phone number you can be reached at just in case you actually get a call back.  The Work4BurgerKing job application is available in English or Spanish and should take about 10 minutes to complete.  Once you have completed the app you can come back and update your information or apply for another position.

Burger King:

BK is a popular hamburger fast food joint and is a great place to work for a high school or college student but not so great for an adult over the age of 30.  The company was is based out of Miami Florida (Dade County Baby!) and are considered a global company.  Burger King had a limited menu when they first fired up the grills back in 1953 that consisted of burgers, french fries, sodas, and milkshakes.  Now you can find a much wider selection of menu items to include speciality burgers like the Whopper, chicken sandwiches, breakfast items, desserts and even salads.  Burger King has started expanding overseas in the early 60’s and can be found in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Spain and Mexico just to name a few.  The company can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol BKW and they are rivaled by the Golden Arches AKA McDonald’s.

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