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About:  Wells Fargo Pay Card allows a user to access their card account online.  This card is not a credit card but a pre paid card that a customer can have their paycheck deposited onto.  The card is issued by  Wells Fargo and Visa debit.  The sign up process is rather simple and it is much more safe than a paper check.  Once the money on the card has been used up the user will have to wait until their next paycheck has been deposited onto the card in order to make purchases. also allows a user to check account balance, sign up for account alerts, un-subscribe from all text message alerts and contact customer service.  A username and  password will be required din order to access the account online.  To obtain a replacement card or to report a stolen card please call 1-866-298-9378 immediately.  The paycard can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted or at any merchant that accepts Interlink.  The card can be used at ATM’s but please note that if the card is used at an ATM not owned by Wells Fargo it will be subject to any fees that ATM may charge.  Other fees are as follows:


  • No fees when making a purchase that requires a signature (good)
  • $1.00 fee when making a purchase that requires a customer to enter their PIN number (bad)
  • one free ATM withdrawal per pay period (good)
  • after the first ATM transaction it will cost $1.50 (bad)

Wells Fargo Bank:  This US financial service company provides credit cards, debit cards, banking, mortgage, investing, and insurance to millions of customers across the world.  Wells Fargo is based out of San Fransisco and is considered a top 25 company in the United States by Fortune.  The firm was founded all the way back in 1852 and can be recognized by their stagecoach logo.  They have over 9000 branches and more than 250,000 employees.


  • Competition:  Chase, AMEX, Citi
  • Industry:  Finance
  • Mail:  420 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA, 94163 United States
  • Number:  1-866-298-9378