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About: allows a user to respond to a written notice or telephone message online in relation to a debt.  Any information collected will be used for debt purposes and the communication received is from a debt collector.  When responding to a notice the user must have the eleven (11) digit file number on hand.  This number can be found in the shaded box on the lower portion of the debt collection notice.  The user will also need to provide their zip code as it appears on the notice.   When responding to a telephone message a user must have the phone number the agency used in their contact attempt.  In both scenarios the 11 digit number will be needed.  If the user cannot find the number please call 877.870.1000 for assistance.  Under Federal Law a US Citizen is entitled to a credit score check once every 12 months.  The free credit reports can be requested from the three nationwide consumer reporting agencies Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.

The CCS Companies:  This Credit Collection Services is one of the nation’s largest and most successful collection firms and is very well-respected in the debt collection industry.  CCS takes pride in tracking down the scum bags who think its OK not to pay a bill.  It should also be noted that CCS Commercial also recovers large business contracts as well as tort-based obligations.  They know the difference between a legitimate dispute versus a stall tactic.  The Better Business Bureau grades the CSS Companies with an A.


  • Competition: n/a
  • Industry:  Debt Collections
  • Address: Two Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459
  • Phone: 1.877.870.1000

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