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About:  Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance is operated by the Department of Workforce Development and was created to be a safety net to eligible workers and their families during hard times. allows a user to file for Unemployment Insurance, find job training, apply for workers compensation, learn about their rights as a tax payer and obtain information about employment services and counseling to people with disabilities through Vocational Rehab.  All these services are operated by the state and are paid for using tax dollars.  If your unable to find a job and are unemployed by no fault of your own you have no other choice but to sink the level of filing for UI benefits.  When filing a claim please be prepared for a possible wait due to the current state of the economy and the recent Emergency Unemployment extensions, workload and call volume are both on the rise.  There is not time limited when filing a claim online.  A user can also file a claim for workers compensation if they were injured on the job.


Department of Workforce Development:  The main goal of the DWD is to keep Wisconsin working and provide benefits for those who are in between jobs until they can get back on their feet.  Job services, training and employment assistance are available to those who qualify.  Many people are to proud to file for unemployment benefits.  Never fall into this trap.  Don’t be afraid to sink that low and apply.  The Department of Workforce Development can be found on Facebook and Twitter for those who are into social networking.  It is also recommended that businesses work with the DWD to find qualified candidates for your business and obtain information on possible hiring incentives are available.


  • Competition: Federal Government
  • Industry: State Benefits
  • Phone Numbers: (608) 267-5123
  • Address: DWD/HRS P.O. Box 7946, Madison, WI 53707-7946