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About: allows a user to view the leader board, sign up for a free trial or by the Ticket to Read program today.  This reading program allows the student to practice important reading skills at school, the library or even at home.  The program can be used anywhere Internet access is available.  A returning user can simply login with their username and password.  A Ticker to read user can also check to see if their school made the coveted Gold Star School list.  Schools earn a Gold Star when 90% of the students read at least one passage in the prior week. Schools can achieve a Gold Star each week.  Any questions about gold stars or the program in general can be directed to (888) 399-1995. requires a high-speed Internet connection in order to function as designed.  The site also allows a parent to sign up for the weekly Parent Connection newsletter that allows them to monitor (aka spy) on the child’s reading progress.


Voyager Learning:  This popular online learning reading solution software is dedicated to the success of every student and firmly believes every child should be literate.  Many people would be surprise to know the number of college athletes who cannot read at a 6th grade level.  The company is based out of Dallas Texas.  Voyager Learning works with kids from kindergartener to grade 12.  The Ticket to Read software is available in Spanish and helps develop reading skills with phonics games that are fun and exciting.


  • Competition:  Teach Your Child to Read, Traditional Reading Methods
  • Industry:  education
  • Mail:  Voyager Learning, 17855 Dallas Parkway, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75287
  • Number:  (888) 399-1995