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About: provides information and resources to find unclaimed assets in the state of Missouri.  The state Government claims that there are almost $700 million in unclaimed assets in more than 4.3 million owner accounts in the show me state.  1 out of every 10 people who file a claim will be rewarded with unclaimed property.  The average cost of the unclaimed property is about $300 per find.  If you are a resident in the Show Me State it would definitely be worth your time to stop by Show Me Money and file a claim.  The worse you have to lose is a few minutes of your time.  If you have already filed a claim please check the status online with the claim number.  A user is allowed to check the status as often as they would like whenever they want online.  If any updates are made to a claim status, they will be reflected within 24 hours.  The majority of unclaimed property comes from bank accounts, stocks, bonds and contents of safe deposit boxes that have been abandoned by regular everyday people in the state.  The state of Missouri defines abandoned property as property that has gone unclaimed for 5 years or more.  There is no time limit to file a claim and it is recommended all claims be filed online at the Show Me Money site.


Missouri State Treasurer:  This state Government position is responsible for protecting your tax dollars by ensuring the current administration is efficient, accountable and transparent.  The State Treasurer also provides low-interest loans through the Missouri Linked Deposit Program and attempts to keep jobs in the state, this is not an easy task by any means.


  • Competition: none
  • Products:   unclaimed property search, low interest loans, create affordable college rates to Missouri residents
  • Address:  Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel, Unclaimed Property, PO Box 1004, Jefferson City, MO 65102
  • Phone:  (573) 751-8533
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