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About PTI Message Center

Allows an employee to check their pay stub portal online.  The service is free to use and is offered by the First Data corporation.  What you will need to access your account?:

  • employee ID number (please contact your HR department if you do not have this number)
  • PIN number
  • Internet Connection

If your new to the service you will have to sign up with the following information:

  • your Employee ID
  • Date of Birth
  • the last 3 digits of your SSN#

The registration process will only take a few minutes to complete and then you will have access to your pay stub online.

About PTI

PTI is based out of Evansville IN and is a international transportation corporation.   The company was actually founded in 1964 as a auto retail and vehicle leasing but has moved on to bigger and better things.  They have operation in the US, Mexico and Canada.  PTI strives to provide customers with solutions in Asset management, financial, business and logistics.

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