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Octa Pharma Prepaid Access

You can sign in or register your Octa Pharma Plasma card online.  To sign in you must have your username and password on hand.  To register you will need the Citi card number and the security code.  The security code will be 3 or 4 digits long and will be located on the back of your card at the end on the signature panel.  Once registered you can view you account balance, purchases, pay a bill  and update personal information associated with the card.

Octa Pharma

Octapharma Plasma, Inc. is a based out of Lachen, Switzerland and collects human plasma for further manufacture into drugs for human use.  They are considered the largest producer of Plasma in the world with collections labs in more than 80 countries and over 4,000 employees worldwide.  Blood plasma is used to create life-saving medicines and most people join for the money.  Many college campuses offer plasma labs that will pay students for their plasma.

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