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About: is associated with the Kansas Department of Labor and allows a user access their Citi Kansas account online.  The site is available in English or Spanish and a Username will be required in order to sign in.  Please note that if you have previously enrolled in the Prepaid Enrollment application, please login here using the username and password created there.  Once you have access the site you can check your card balance, transactions and make account updates.  The site is free to use for all eligible users.  This card is designed for poor people who receive unemployment benefits in the state of Kansas.  You will be allowed one free withdrawal from any fee-free ATM per month.  Any more withdraws you will be charged normal ATM fees for.  Most of the time the charge will be .75 cents unless you use an ATM that charges an additional surcharge.  To avoid this additional charge please use machines located at Citibank, MoneyPass, STARsf/AllPoint or 7-Eleven ATMs.  If you would rather have your funds transferred directly into your bank account please sign in to your account and click on the “transfer of funds” icon through Citibank.  This option allows you to set up automatic transfers and is recommended for most users.  Please note that the Kansas Citi Prepaid card is good for three years.  If you stop your benefits and restart them within three years the same card will still be used.


Kansas Department of Labor:  The goal of the KDL is to increase the economic well-being of all Kansans through responsive workforce services.  They hope that the people in the state will use their wide-ranging talents and vital enterprises do make Kansas a better place to work and play.  Unemployment, workplace laws and labor market information can be found at the Kansas Department of Labor web portal.  If you have any questions about the department or need to report fraud please dial (785) 296-5000.  Please go here to find KDL on Twitter.


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