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Prepaid Citi Fedex (Last Update April 12, 2016)

  • Register online for a prepaid Citi Fedex account

About:  FedEx users can access their account online with a username and password.  The site is operated by Citi and FedEx.  Citi can be found at  Citigroup Inc., One Court Square, 45th Floor Long Island City, New York 11120 or by phone at (718) 248-2606.  All new users will have to register.  To register please check the number on the back of credit card at the end on the signature panel and have the 16 digit number on the front of the card.

  • These numbers will be required upon registration.  This service is free to use for all registered users
  • If a user has forgotten their password please provide the username and the password will be sent to the email that was used upon sign up
  • If a card was lost or stolen please report the event to 866-326-8689 in the US or 800-774-6995 in Canada
  • Any questions about the site can be directed to a customer service care agent
  • This agent can be reached by calling the number on the back of the FedEx credit card

FedEx:  This popular delivery services company was founded in 1971 out of Little Rock AR and was originally named the FDX Corporation.  The company is now based out of Nashville TN and can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol FDX.  They are considered a global company and are a member of the S&P 500.

Citibank:  This popular international bank is based out of the Big Apple AKA New York City.  The was founded way back in the year 1812 and are a segment of Citigroup.  Citibank has operations in over 150 countries and in major global cities to include Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Miami and Paris.


  • Competition:  UPS, USPS
  • Industry:  Shipping – Logistics Management – Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate:  942 South Shady Grove Road, Memphis, TN 38119
  • Number: (901) 818-7500