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About:  PCH Pay allows a user to access their Publishers Clearing House account online.  The user will need their customer ID or account zip code/postal code in order to sign in.  Once a user has singed in they can view a history of all orders, check your account balance, update account information and make a payment online.  Payment methods include credit and debit plus there are additional processing or hidden fees when paying online.  Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are valid forms of payment.  Please have the Customer ID or Order Number from the invoice when making a payment online.  In order to avoid a delinquency please make sure the amoutn is paid before the specified date on the customer invoice.  User who do not make timely payments are subject to a late fee of up to $4.50  ($4.99 for Canadian residents).  If a ucustomer is having problems making payments every month it is advised that they check out the 4 Part Payment plan. is simple to use and has link to their Facebook and Twitter pages in the bottom right hand corner.


Publishers Clearing House LLC:  This popular discounted magazine subscription company but are better known for their million dollar sweepstakes they hold every year.  The Publishers Clearing House is based out of Port Washington, New York and reaches its customer through direct-mail offers and online communications.  Everyone hopes that one day the PCH van will show up on their front with a life sized check that will change their life.  PCH LLC was founded in 1953 by a Mr. and Mrs. Harold and LuEsther Mertz.  It should be noted that their daughter Joyce Mertz-Gilmore also assisted in the founding of the company.  All prizes are delivered FREE of charge to the lucky winners.  Good luck!


  • Competition:  Readers Digest, Synapse Group
  • Industry:  direct-marketing company
  • Corporate Address:  382 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY, 11050 United States
  • Number: (516) 883-5432