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About Casper’s Pay Stub Portal

Allows an employee of a Casper’s McDonald’s to access their pay stub online.  The site is administered by the First Data Corporation in association with Casper’s MCD.  The Caspers Company’s McDonald’s restaurants are located in and around the area of St. Petersburg Florida.  Returning users to the site can sign in with their employee ID and PIN number.  New users will have to go through a brief registration process (see below for more information on how to register with the site).  If you have forgotten or misplaced your PIN number simply click on the “forgot your PIN” wording and you can have you PIN emailed to you.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the most popular fast food restaurant in the world and are known for their signature Golden Arches and Happy Meals.  The first McDonald’s restaurant opened up in 1940 out of San Bernardino, California.  Popular menu items include the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder and the golden french fries.  You would have to be an idiot not to like this place.

What you will need Register for Casper’s Online Pay Stub

  • A computer with valid Internet Connection
  • Your employee ID number
  • Your date of birth
  • The last 3 digits of your social security number

How to Register for Casper’s Online Pay Stub

  • Visit the homepage of Pay Stub Portal at the related link 1 below.
  • Enter the required information (see above)
  • Click on the red submit button

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