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About: allows a Parallon employee online access to their pay statement.  The employees username and password will be needed in order to access this free service.  The Electronic Pay Stub is safe for use by all registered users and is better p[rotected than a paper statement as it bypasses the human transport factor from printer to employee.  This site can b access by any computer with Internet access.  It is recommended you avoid using this site on a public computer if possible.  Parrallon E-Stub delivers on time pay statements without fail and includes a payment history of previous statements that are printable.  The statements will be available every Thursday and will go back 3 years from the first time the employee received a pay stub.  If you have any questions or concerns about this stub service please see your supervisor in charge. If you fail to access your online stub account once in 90 days you will be locked out.  Please contact your local help desk for password recovery support.  Former or terminated employees can access their previous payment history as long as they long in once every 90 days.

Parallon:  Parallon Business Solutions are a popular supply chain solutions company that specializes in patients-first philosophy that drives everything they do.  Parrallon was founded in May of 2011 and provides health care providers with  unsurpassed business services in the areas of revenue cycle, workforce management and supply chain.  Parallon is not listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ stock markets but have very deep pockets and not afraid to make investments for future success.  If your looking for a quality supply chain management company Parallon would be an excellent choice.


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