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About: allows a prisoner to connect with  family or friends (if they have any) while serving time behind bars.  Driving to the prison can be not only time-consuming but very expensive with the price of gas now a days.  Many prisons can be located hundreds of miles away from the prisoners home town.  That is where offender connect steps in.  OC makes it easy for a prisoner to reach out and connect with loved ones by phone or by email.  All they have to do is make a deposit to an inmate’s commissary account which will in turn allow the prisoner to purchase supplies and treats from the canteen. Inmate’s accounts are updated immediately with available funds.  If you care about your outlaw you should try Offender Connect today.  Please note that in order to make a deposit through the OffenderConnect Trust Fund Phone Deposit System the Site ID number will be needed.  The site is available in English and Spanish.  Acceptable forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Money Grams, Money Orders and Western Unions.


Offender:  OffenderConnect is the fast, easy way for family and friends of inmates to stay connected with incarcerated loved ones. Current services include creating a pre-paid phone account to receive calls on specified phone numbers and the ability to make a deposit to an inmate’s commissary account.  If you prison does not work with OC please speak with the prison personal about the possibility of adding the Offender Connect service.


  • Competition:  JPay, CorrLinks
  • Products:   Prisoner Communication Services
  • Address:  DSI-ITI, LLC, P.O. Box 2868, Mobile, AL 36652
  • Phone:  1-814-949-3303