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Michigan Retirement Account

Are you a Michigan resident, looking for information about the retirement benefits and services available to you?  The State of Michigan official website is an invaluable resource. Below, we’ll look at what you can expect to find while browsing the Michigan Retirement Services website.

The official website for the state of Michigan is an excellent resource for all residents, but especially those who are currently employed with the state, as well as those who have retired from the Michigan public schools, police officers, and judges.  As stated on the site, one in fourteen adults living in Michigan will find resources relevant to them.

One of the most useful aspects of the site is the collection of links that are made available.  Simply navigate to the page that pertains to you on the left side menu for instant access to your profession’s retirement plan.  This is a great way for those who are retired to look into the details of their plan, as well for those who are still currently employed to discover more about the plan that will apply to them after retiring.

The Michigan ORS Account Service is designed for the following individuals:

  • State Employees and Retirees
  • Michigan Public School Employees
  • Police Officers and Judges

In addition, there is content available on the site that will help individuals plan for a successful retirement. Look for articles under the “Planning Tips” tab toward the bottom of the screen.  These tips will provide valuable information about planning for your financial future, as well as preparing for the effects of retirement on your social life.  The Office of Retirement Services serves as a resource for planning for all aspects of retirement for Michigan residents.

Finally, the site will allow you to sign up for a miAccount. This account will allow you to gain access to paperwork and your personal financial details from the office. Manage your account from the comfort of your home, by simply signing into the website. With so many excellent resources available, the Michigan website is making it easy for residents to plan for their future.


  • The site is available from 5 a.m. until 12 a.m.
  • ORS Customer Contact Center (800) 381-5111

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