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About:  UIOnline Webcert can be used for a variety of purposes by people in the state of Massachusetts.  A user can use WebCert to file for weekly unemployment insurance benefits, check the status of an IU claim, check on recent payments, Initiate or change your federal and state tax withholding deductions, obtain relevant forms, enroll in direct deposit and submit a EB (Extended Benefit) Work Search Log online.  The service is operated by the state of Massachusetts and requires a Username and Password in order to sign in.  A new user will have to sign up with their social security number, date of birth and maiden name.  Please note a user can also claim their weekly benefits by calling 617-626-6338 anytime  Sunday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM.  It is recommended that a person looking for work also stops by a One-Stop Career Center.  A list of these centers throughout the state can be found here.  These centers provide career counseling, education workshops and short-term training and assistance with resume and cover letter writing.  The service is free.

Department of Unemployment Assistance:  This state ran agency is tasked with management of municipal UI costs, and a better UI system for claimants and their public employer.  They are dedicated to help improving the labor market in the state of Massachusetts and providing help to those who need it most.  The Department of Unemployment Assistance oversees the IU program, offers job services, work compensation benefits and labor market information in state.


  • Competition: Welfare, Homelessness
  • Industry:  Social Services
  • Corporate:  135 Western Avenue, Framingham, MA
  • Number: 617-626-6338