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About: provides information and resources about a student loan with Sallie Mae.  A user can also access information about their student loan account with their username and password.  Once a user has signed in they complete a current application, check their loan status, update information, cosign or e-sign an existing loan and much more.  Sallie Mae also provides information about banking and insurance products.  They offer a money market account that returns 13X the national average, requires minimum balance, features no monthly fees and it is FDIC insured.  Sallie Mae also offers tuition refund assistance just in case a student can’t complete their classes for the semester due to illness or injury, computer crashes during finals, or injuries occurred while traveling abroad.  The most popular student loan offers by Sallie Mae includes the “simple and smart loan option for undergraduate students”.  This loan features:

  • no orgination fees
  • competitive rates
  • deferred, fixed, interest repayment options
  • Borrow up to 100% of your school-certified costs of education


Sallie Mae:  if your a looking for a student loan, banking or insurance product please give Sallie a try.  Sallie Mae has been helping broke college students since 1972 and are based out of Newark DE.  Sallie Mae employs over 6000 people and have more than 10 million borrowers nation wide.  If you need a loan to fund your thirsty Thursdays check out Sallie Mae and thank us later.


  • Competition:  Stafford, Wells Fargo, Citi
  • Products:  Student Loans
  • Address:  Sallie Mae, Inc, PO Box 9500, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-9500
  • Phone:  888-272-5543
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