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About:  Jobs at Pizza Hut allows a user to search and apply for a job at Pizza Hut.  The search can be conducted by team jobs, management jobs or corporate careers.  Teams jobs would be the positions inside the Pizza Hut location like pizza delivery, cashier or pizza maker.  Team jobs usually do not require any type of degree and are ideal for high school or college students.  Management jobs would be the actual manager of a Pizza Hut store.  This job would be associated with managing the team of workers.  Management positions usually require a college degree or previous management experience in the restaurant industry.  Corporate career jobs would be defined as a position at a Pizza Hut Corporate office.  These type jobs require a college degree and include positions in Operations, Finance, Marketing, Development, IT, Food Innovation and Human Resource Developement.  Corporate jobs are the top tier in terms of salary and benefits.  Almost all the Pizza Hut corporate jobs will be found in  Plano, Texas.  A user can conduct a search for all jobs keyword, title, address and location. is registered with PH Domain Accounts.

Pizza Hut Inc:  This world-wide Pizza restaurant and delivery company was founded in 1958 out of Wichita, Kansas by Dan and Frank Carney.  The chain can be recognized by the Red Roof design with the words Pizza Hut underneath.  Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of the world’s largest restaurant company Yum! Brands, Inc.  Pizza Hut have restaurants in over 90 countries and have over 10,000 locations.  Besides pizza they also offer soda, pasta dishes, buffalo wings, desert and bread sticks.  Some Pizza Huts will offer beer by the glass or pitcher.  The most popular pizza they offer include the Meat Lovers Pizza and the Pan Fried Pizza.  Prices will range between $5.00 to $20.00 per order.


  • Competition: Papa John’s, Dominos, Little Caesars
  • Industry:  Pizza Delivery
  • Address:  14841 Dallas Parkway Dallas TX 75254
  • Number: (800) 948-8488