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About:  Allows a customer to take advantage of the Forever Comfy Internet offer.  This special offer is not available in stores and can only be obtained online.  This special offer provides a Forever Comfy pillow for $19.95 plus $9.95 for shipping and handling plus a second Forever Comfy pillow for free.  Please note the second pillow will include shipping and handling however.  So to summarize a customer will get two pillow for a total of $40.00 give or take a dollar.  The order will take 2 to 6 weeks to arrive and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If ordering outside the United States a customer will be charged an additional $10.00.  The Forever Comfy is a gel filled pillow that adds an extra layer of support for your butt or back when sitting down.  This is prefect for someone who sits all day at work or for the older person who lays around all day watching TV. is powered by Permission Interactive.

Popular features of the pillow include:

    1. a soft layer of support between you and your seat
    2. perfect for those who spend most of the day sitting
    3. easy to transfer and is light weight

Forever Comfy :  This extremely popular pillow is designed to be placed on hard wooden chairs.  The pillow is pretty cheap but the reviews on the Internet are not so good.  Many people claim that a bed pillow would be just as effective as the Forever Comfy but cost a lost less.


  • Competition:  Bed Pillows
  • Industry:  around the home
  • Mail:  Forever Comfy, P.O. Box 3179, Wallingford, CT 06494
  • Number:  1-866-304-4271