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About:  A fundraising campaign is a great way to raise money for your school or organization.  After all who is going to turn down magazines, cookie dough, frozen treats, discount cards or candy bars? is operated by Great American Opportunities who are one of the oldest and most respected fundraising companies in the US.  If you start a fundraising campaign with GAO you know you are going to get quality products.  They work with companies like Lemonade Stand, Kathryn Beich, Henco, Nasco, NCS, Sally Foster, Century Resources, and Red Apple just to name a few.  If you already have an account at the GA School Store please sign in with your School / Organization Online ID or Student’s Online ID.  If your school or organization is new you will have to go through a registration process.  Popular fundraising campaigns offered by GAO include magazines, Frozen Treats, gift wraps just in time for the Christmas Season, Chocolate Bars and Jewerly.  The most popular out of all the campaigns that seems to earn the most money is the frozen treat and cookie dough fundraiser.  Most products do not have a minimum order.  Please note that candy bars and frozen foods cannot be returned.  Upon sign up please ask your personal representative which product is right for your situation and how to eliminate any risk.


Great American Opportunities:  The GOA has helped raised millions of dollars for schools across the United States.  They are based out of Nashville TN and have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  If you in need of a fundraising campaign these guys would be an ideal point of contact.  Although they are based out of Nashville they have several hundred fundraising consultants throughout the US ready to help answer any questions you might have.


  • Competition: ABC Fundraising, I Love Fundraising
  • Products:   Fundraising Programs
  • Phone:  800.251.1542 Fax: 615.884.3442
  • Address:  PO Box 305142, Nashville, TN 37230