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Allegiance Digital Plus

If you would like more HD channels and improved picture quality and sound please visit the Digital Plus Allegiance site.  With the All Digital Upgrade, you will receive more HD channels with your cable subscription and upgrading will allow you to avoid any stoppage in service.  ALL Allegiance Cable customers will be required to connect to a Digital HD Converter to continue receiving service and ALL tv’s in the home must be upgraded.  Please note that once the upgrade has been completed some channels may be arranged differently (please see the new genre-based channel line-up for more information).  Some benefits of this upgrade include:

  • better picture quality
  • in some case more channels
  • crystal clear sound
  • faster Internet speeds

In order to activate your new service simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Digital Plus HD site and order your Digital HD converters and any additional Allegiance equipment you need.
  2. Install the equipment
  3. Call Allegiance customer service to conduct the final activation process
  4. A helpful support page is available online.

Allegiance Communications

Allegiance is a popular, mid size provider of cable TV, broadband Internet, and telephone services to the states of Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.  The firm is based out of Shawnee, Oklahoma and was founded in 2004.  Many experts in the telecommunication industry predict a buy out to occur by one of the larger cable companies at some point in the near future.  Allegiance has more than 40,000 customers and is dedicated to Keeping You Connected to the Best Entertainment & Communications.


  • Allegiance Phone:  800.937.1397
  • Corporate Office Address: 707 W Saratoga St, Shawnee, OK 74801

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