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About: was created on October 17, 2012 and is registered with TIERRANET INC. D/B/A DOMAINDISCOVER in association with Credit One Bank.  The site allows for a user to apply for a Credit One Card in just a few minutes.  A valid email address is required and the user should receive a decision instantly.  The card is designed for people with poor credit and provides automatic credit line increase reviews.  The Credit One card is ideal for someone who is looking to rebuild their credit score as it will report to all three credit bureaus.  If you have already submitted an application please go here to check the status of the application.  If approved the customer can expect a starting credit line somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 to $500.  An annual fee of $75 will be applied for the First year and then it will increase to $99 thereafter.  The annual fee is billed monthly at $8.25.  The Credit One card also features Travel Accident Insurance and zero fraud liability.

Credit One Bank:  This credit card company/bank provides the opportunity for a person to raise their credit score when other banks won’t approve them for a credit card.  Credit One Bank is based out of Las Vegas and has issued card to over 1 million customers nationwide.  The APR of the Credit One Card is based on the US Prime Rate.  This rate can be found in the Wall Street Journal or online.  They strive to provide excellent customer service and online account access is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  A person with above average credit should shop elsewhere for a credit card.


  • Competition:  Continental Finance, First PREMIER Bank Secured Credit Card
  • Industry:  Credit CardS
  • Mail:  585 Pilot Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S
  • Number:  1-877-825-3242