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About: allows a user to check their balance, review recent and old transactions made with the card, update card information, contact customer service and much more.  The service is free to all eligible users and will require a user ID/Password in order to login.  Please note that requires the use of Adobe Reader.  If you do not have this software on your computer the ColoQuestCard website provides the user with a link to obtain Adobe.  This card is made for people in the state of Colorado that are a part of the Food Assistance program aka food stamps.  The card looks like a normal credit or debit card but allows a users benefits to be used at any authorized store across the country with the card.  This card allows a user to buy breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products and other healthy foods for themselves and their family.  This card is not to be used to buy candy, fast food, alcohol or cigarettes.  When paying the card be sure to tell the cashier you would like like to charge the items to the game aka your Food Assistance account.  You will never be charged a transaction fee when using the ColoQuest Card.  Please note that this card does not effect your credit rating and does not act like a credit card.

Colorado Department of Human Services:  This state department was created to help the poor and elderly in the state of Colorado.  They provide monthly benefits to low-income households to buy healthy food for survival.  Besides food stamps they also provide  cash and energy assistance in the state to those who qualify.  They have a staff of more than 5000 people and a budget in the billions!



  • Competition: None
  • Products:   Food assistance program for the poor and lazy in the Centennial State
  • Address:  Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Economic Security, Food Assistance Program, 1575 Sherman St., 3rd Floor, Denver, CO 80203-1714
  • Phone:  1-888-328-2656 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • or

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