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Chevron and Texaco Card Offer

If you received a credit card offer from Chevron/ Texaco you must have outstanding credit.  If you would like to take advantage of your offer please have the 9 digit authorization code (found on the bottom of your letter on your acceptance certificate) on hand.  You will also be asked to provide your last name and you must have a valid email address.  Once you have provided the needed information simply click on the confirm icon and you will have a decision in seconds.  Please note that Chevron/ Texaco credit cards are issued by GE Capital Retail Bank (aka “GECRB”).


The Chevron Corporation is based out of San Ramon, California and is considered a multinational energy corporation.  The company was founded in 1962 and has over 60,000 employees world-wide.  Chevron is a member of the “BIG 6”  which consist of:

  1. BP (formerly British Petroleum) also known for the leak in the Gulf of Mexico
  2. Chevron Corporation
  3. Exxon Mobil Corporation
  4. Royal Dutch Shell
  5. Total SA
  6. Conoco Phillips Company


The Texas Company aka Texaco was founded in 1901 and is a gasoline filling store.  The company has filling stations in the U.S., Latin America, Europe (there are about 1000 Texaco-branded service stations in the UK alone) and West Africa.  Texaco was founded by businessman Joseph S. Cullinan, Thomas J. Donoghue, Walter Benona Sharp, and Arnold Schlaet.  The companies logo depicts a red circle with a white star in the middle.  Besides gasoline the most stations also provide soda, snacks, ATM’s and limited health care products.

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