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About:  Cash Every Week is a get rich scheme that will leave most people with less cash instead of more.  The site claims that only 3% of people know the secret to make money and be rich.  All they request is a name and email address to send the user the key to being rich… right.  The key to this money according to Cash Every Week  is Leverage.  The site claims that 97% of the people buy into the 40/40 plan which means you work 40 hours a week and only keep 40% of your earned income.  Cash Every Week claims that have a financial technique using leverage to stop working the 40 hour grind and start making thousands of week.  They claim they can teach anyone over the age of 18 how to do this.  The process is simple and easy according to the site and is not a job. is owned and operated by Financial Freedom.  Please note that once a user provides their email address they will immediately receive an email soliciting a sales pitch.  The site will feature a video attempting to encourage the user to subscribe to this program.  It is recommended that all users avoid this program at all cost.


ECS Consulting: This environmental consulting was founded in 1982 and have around 200 employees.  The company is based out of Agawam, MA and employs engineers, geologist, hygienists, and scientist to help make this world a better place to work, live and play.  The firm was founded by a Mr. Mark Hellstein who is a specialist in clean air and clean water regulation.


  • Competition:  n/a
  • Industry:  environmental consulting
  • Address:  588 Silver Street, Agawam, MA 01001
  • Number: 800.789.3530