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Buy Underlight

  • Visit the Buy Underlight web site to purchase Underlight, motion activated accent lighting
  • Underlight  is a LED light that runs off of batteries, and attaches anywhere with peel and stick adhesive
  • Underlight is easy to install anywhere in a home and doesn’t require plugs, tools or an electrician

Most people install their Underlights is places like the cabinets and stairs, or under a bed, in doorways and steps that are usually dark, or to give a designer look to a bar or outdoor grill island. The Underlight can’t get wet, but it can be used outdoors, so decks, patios, and umbrellas are all great choices as well.

Customers who order online through the Underlight web site will get a 12 inch Underlight strip, a power base, a motion sensor, an elbow connector, and a free bonus 12 inch Underlight strip. Underlight can’t be purchased in stores.

The Underlight sensors are set at  4.5 LUX, meaning that if it’s in an area where there is already light, the sensors won’t register motion. Underlight needs a very low level of ambient light to work properly. The Underlight battery pack is a good bit heavier than the lights, so it’s recommended to screw the battery pack to a hard surface. The Underlight system needs around 15 seconds to recycle every time  it shuts off, so there may be a delay sometimes when walking by.

What kind of guarantee does Underlight have?

Every Underlight purchase made online comes with a 30 day money back guarantee (minus any processing and handling charges). Orders shipped to Florida and Nevada will have sales tax added, and a $10 shipping charge will be applied to all orders going to the non continental United States and California.