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About:  The Cox Arizona reward redemption website allows a user to redeem codes to obtain special gifts from Cox Cable.  The code can be found above the customers name and address on the mail piece, on the actual coupon in the customer letter or in bold in the body of the customer letter.  If the users does not enter the code correctly they will receive “opps we missed something… please enter your gift code to continue”.  If the user still received that message after entering their code again it is recommended that they contact a Cox Cable customer care agent.  is owned and operated by CoxCom, Inc. dba Cox Communications Arizona.  Rewards will differ but many user have reported a coupon for a free $5 dollar movie.

Cox Communications:  This popular telecommunication firm is based out of Atlanta GA and provides digital cable television, telecommunications and wireless services to its customers.  Cox Communications was founded in 1962 and are considered the seventh-largest telephone carrier in the country with over 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers.  Cox has over 9 billion dollars in revenue and employes over 20,000 people nation wide.  Cox cable was the first cable company to offer phone services to it customers.


  • Competition:  Comcast, Directv, AT&T Uverse
  • Industry:  Telecommunications
  • Mail:  1400 Lake Hearn Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30319
  • Number:  (404) 907-3159