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About:  Provides online account access to American Education Services for customers.  A customer can make a payment, check loan balance, view their current interest rate, download 1098-E or 1099-C tax forms, view recent payments and learn more about options when a customer is having trouble making payments.  Online access will require the borrowers/student user name.  The site also provides more details about the different type of repayment plans.  Repayment plan options include:

  • level:  this option remains the same throughout the loan payment
  • graduated:  a borrower will make small payments at the beginning and larger payments at the end
  • income sensitive:  monthly gross income and student loan debt
  • income based: for borrowers who are having trouble making ends meet
  • 25 year extended:  small payments over 25 years instead of 10 but the borrower pays more interest also allows a user to enroll in paperless billing.  Once enrolled all pay statements a customer will stop getting paper statements in the mail and instead get a monthly email reminder when a payment is due.


American Education Services:  This student financial aid service was founded by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency and was created to assist and serve the Federal Family Education Loan Program and private student loan products.  They offer loan guaranty, loan servicing, financial aid processing, outreach, and other student aid program to help take some of the burden away from paying back a student loan.  The organization is based out of Harrisburg PA.


  • Competition:  SallieMae, Chase
  • Industry:  Education
  • Mail: American Education Services, P.O. Box 2461, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2461
  • Number:  1-800-233-0557