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Adams County Tax Treasure

Tax payers in Adams County, Colorado can perform a variety of tax related activities online at the AdcoTax website.  If you are making a delinquent tax payment the payment must be made with cash or certified funds.  You are not allowed to use a credit card when paying a delinquent tax.  You can search for your tax account information by providing the Account Number, or Parcel Number (no dashes) or Situs Address.  You only need to fill in ONE or two fields to search for an account.  This advance search method allows you to find the following tax information:

  • Assessed Property Values For Previous Years
  • Special Assessments
  • Previous Payments
  • Recent and Past Charges
  • Interest Earned
  • Delinquent Account Payments Owed

If you are using a “sales search” you can search by sales date or price search or a subdivision search.  When search for more than one subdivision you can insert Subdivision into the Subdivision field and put a * at the end to obtain multiple listings.  When search for by price please do not use any commas or decimals.

Other online account activities include:

  • View My Tax Account Information and Update Personal Status
  • View and Print Tax Reports and Statements
  • Title Companies May Purchase COTD’s
  • Confirm Email Address for Electronic Tax Notices

Adams County

Adams County is located in Colorado and is the 5th most popular county in the state.  The county is named after Alva Adams who was a former Governor of the State of Colorado.  The county is home to about 430,000 to 450,000 people in recent years and has a total size of 1,197.71 square miles (5.78 square miles of water).  The Denver International Airport can be found in this Colorado County as well and Adams is made up of 77% whites, 3% black and 1.5% American Indian.


  • 4430 S.Adams County Parkway Suite C2436 Brighton, CO 80601
  • telephone 720-523-6160
  • fax 720-523-6171

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