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About:  The Student Credit Card Service Center provides customer service to students who have been issued an exclusive “Invitation Code Number” to request a 1st Financial Bank USA Visa Card or MasterCard Card.  The sign up process will require the 9 digit invitation code number and the users 5 digit zip code along with their home address. is powered by Visa/MasterCard and 1st Financial Bank USA who are FDIC Insured.  The site is secured by VeriSign.  Any questions about the site security can be directed to 1st Financial Bank USA, P.O. Box 7300, North Sioux City, SD 57049 or 1-888-828-9640.  A user should receive the credit card by mail within a few weeks of sign up.  The credit card features a credit line between $150-$1,000, no Finance charge for purchases up to $250 and no annual fee.  If the user has already applied for the student credit card please contact 1st Financial Bank USA for status.


1st Financial Bank USA:  This bank is member FDIC but the reviews across the web are not good.  There are far too  many complaints about terrible customer service and hidden fees.  The bank claims that have been in business since 1910 and specializes in educational funding needs of college students and college graduates.  They are based out of North Sioux City, SD and offer student loans as well as credit cards.  It is advised a potential customer should do research before choosing a credit card or loan from 1st Financial Bank USA.

Visa/MasertCard:  These two multinational financial services corporation are based out of the United States and provides credit cards to millions of people world-wide every year.  Visa alone processes more than 60 billion transactions every year!


  • Competition: Credit One
  • Industry:  Banking, Credit Cards, Loans
  • Corporate:  1st Financial Bank USA, Credit Card Service Center, P.O. Box 1200, North Sioux City, SD 57049
  • Number: 1-800-733-1732