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About: provides resources for UHP users in the form of plan information, online enrollment, application status and online guidance to commonly asked questions.  This is your one stop shop for all things UHP.  If you are already registered you can simply sign in with your agent/party ID username or password.  Products under the UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement include: Medicare Supplement, Retiree Services, Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Part D Plans.  UHMR is considered the largest medical programs that assist the lives of senior citizens in the US.  Many of the products you find at United Health Producers will be associated with AARP.

Plans Offered:  UHP Plans include Medicare Advantage Plans which help pay out of pocket cost to the doctor.  HMO Plans which feature a single card and have monthly premium plans starting at $0.00.  PPO Plans which provide a wide range of freedom when choosing medical coverage and no provider referrals are ever needed.  POS Plans which include access providers without referrals, in many plans.  Special Needs Plans which was developed for people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid assistance, people living in nursing homes and or people with a chronic condition such as heart failure or diabetes.  PFFS Plans offers the ability to control cost while still providing a wide variety of medical options.  Medicare Part D Plans are made for businesses to help cover the cost of your client’s prescription drugs.  And finally Medicare Supplement Plans which reduces or eliminates out of pocket medical care cost, are standardized and are only offer through private insurance.



UnitedHealth Group (UNH):  The UnitedHealth Group Incorporated was formed in 1977 and are based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA.  They are considered one of the largest Managed Health Care businesses in the industry serving around 70 million people nation wide.  They can be found on the New York Stock Exchange Under ticker symbol UHN and are a component on the DOW and SP 500.


  • Competition: Health Net, Aetna Inc, Coventry Health, CIGNA, WellPoint
  • Products:  Health Care and Specilize Services for the ederly
  • Address: UnitedHealth Group Center, 9900 Bren Road East, Minnetonka, MN 55343
  • Phone/Fax:  952-936-1300/952-936-1819
  •  or
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