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Time to Ditch Facebook?

FB – (NASDAQ)‎ has become a joke on Wall Street.  After opening up at around 38 dollar a share this social media company has dropped all the way down to 21.66 as of close on Friday, September 28 2012.  Even the founded Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has admitted the company has been disappointing since going public.  Anyone will be happy to give you their 2 cents on why Facebook sucks but the real answer is its becoming less popular with the “kids” nowadays.  Young people determine what is “cool” and what is “uncool”.  During the rise of Facebook 99.9999% of high school and college kids has FB accounts.  Recent research has shown that this number is dropping… sharply.  More kids in this important age range are deleting their account or are simply not signing up.  Why?  Well the problem is their parents, uncles and grandparents all have accounts and want to be their friends.  Do you really want to be friends with your parents on Facebook when your in high school?  Heck No!  You also have the likes of include major corporations such as NBC, Nike, Burger King etc etc etc. with profiles all wanting you to like them… this is what they call “selling out” in the world of teens and there is few things worse than a sell out in their eyes.

At one point FB was only hip with the younger generation and it was only for them by them.  Now you have everyone and their Grandma on the site.  You will also find that Facebook is flooded with advertisements and spam is on the increase.  FB used to be free of ads and spam was at a minimum.  Not anymore.  10 years from now this once popular social behemoth will be no more.  The bottom lime is Facebook is becoming less cool with the younger generation nowadays and this will ultimately lead to its demise.