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About: allows a user to copy and paste a text message from ATT and click the button to view your message.  The site works with a 2G iphone.  The site does not support messages under the Edge Network.  To use this service simply click your text message and then select copy to site site.  Easy as pie.  Please note that the View My Message site will not store any infomation and is free of charge.  The is supports messages from AT&T but is not associated nor endorsed by AT&T.  Any questions about the site should not be directed to AT&T.  This website is registered with WILD WEST DOMAINS, LLC and was created on 2010-05-07.  The IP location is based out of Pennsylvania – Waynesburg by 1&1 Internet Inc.


AT&T (T ) (NYSE)‎:  AT&T Inc. also known as simply ATT is a massive telecommunication service company based out of Dallas, TX.  The compnay was founded in 1983 and has grown to be the US largest mobile telephone firm.  If one does not include oil companies they are the world’s 9th largest company.  Products include dial-up Internet access, U-verse TV services, handsets and smart phones, managed Web-hosting services and many more.  The ATT HQ can be found in the spectacular Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas.  Besides the New York Stock Exchange they can also be found on the Frankfurt (SOBA) and Mexican Stock Exchange (T).  Subsidiaries include:

  • AT&T Teleholdings:  telecommunications holding company formely known as Ameritech Corporation
  • AT&T Mobility:  think U-verse, digital TV, home phone, high speed internet, DSL
  • BellSouth:  another telecommunications holding company based in HOTLANTA
  • Southwestern Bell:  see above but based in Texas


  • Competition: Sprint Nextel Corp., Verizon Communications Inc., T-Mobile USA
  • Products:   telecommunications services to include wireless communications services, long-distance services, and roaming service
  • Address:  208 South Akard Street, Dallas, TX 75202-4206
  • Phone/Fax:  210-821-4105/302-655-5049
  • and

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