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Social Security Free

“If your over 50 and like free stuff and great deals you need to check out SocialSecurityFree.  Discover over 40 ways to obtain unclaimed government grants, giveaways, and subsidized trips.  Most people are unaware that the US Government is mandated to give away $1 trillion in cash money, services, free trips, and other giveaways per year.  The reason most people are unaware of these programs are because Uncle Sam does not go out of their way to advertise them… if anything they try to keep them on the down low.”

These are some of the claims made by this website or so were told by  Do you believe any of this is true?  To a certain extent it maybe but most likely you will not qualify for a dime.  Some other outrageous claims made include:

  • how to get an extra $152,000 in Social Security payments
  • get a $6,500 Government credit to help lower your heating and cooling bill
  • find out which colleges offer reduced or even FREE tuition for people over age 55 (key words being or and reduced)

To obtain these “secrets” you pay a processing fee of $1.97 and you will get:

  • The Free Stuff and Great Bargain Special Report
  • three-month trial membership to The Franklin Prosperity Report
  • four-month trial membership to the Dividend Machine

What they hope will happen is you pay the $1.97 and then forget to cancel the free trials.  Buyer beware.

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