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Share Music With SoundCloud allows a user to share sounds, create music and connect with other like minded individuals.  What makes SoundCloud unique is that most of the sounds created are by everyday people and not major record labels or musicians.  The site is especially popular with the Mashup and Dubstep genre.  If your at a club and hear a mash-up or dubstep track it is likely that you will be able to locate that sound on SoundCloud.  Another popular feature of the site allows a user to create music simply by uploading or recording their originally-created sounds with SoundCloud in a few clicks.  It does appear that there is some copyright issues involved with the site however.  You can find popular original music by Mac Miller and Rhianna among others available to download for free.  We doubt that these artist authorized this.

For the most part the site does seem like a good environment for the everyday kid looking to share their music with the world.  SoundCloud also provides apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android.  SoundCloud offers a free membership which is fine for most casual users.  For the more hard core musicians they offer paid packages that include the Lite package at €29/year, the Solo at €79/year, the Pro at €250/year and the Pro Plus at €500/year.  The Pro Plus packages includes unlimited storage and groups.  If you’re more than just a serious creator, you’re going to need unlimited groups and  unlimited storage space.  All accounts feature a free 14 trial offer before committing to any monthly or yearly plan.  If you cancel your service within 14 days you will receive a full refund.  The refund will take about 3 business days to process.  SoundCloud is a very cool music website.  Check it out!