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RNartion Rite Aid (Last Update April 13, 2016)

  • Provide a username and password to access a Rite Aid account online

About Rite Aid Associate Portal

Allows an Rite Associate account access with a User ID and Password.  Please note that the User ID will be the same as SYSM, iPass, Nexgen, and Kronos.  If you are a Rite Aid Associate returning from LOA, please contact your immediate supervisor for access.  The site is administered by the Rite Aid Corporation.  In the case that you have forgotten your User ID please see the following information below and take the appropriate steps:

  1. Corporate Users should call (717) 791-6435 or (700) 321-4357 or (800) 424-6966
  2. Store Users should call  (700) 321-7227 or (800) 843-0831
  3. or if your lucky enough to be a Rite Aid Vendor, please call (888) 473-2382, and select Option 1.

About Rite Aid

Rite Aid is a popular drug store chain based out of East Pennsboro Township, Pennsylvania.  The company was founded under the name Thrift D Discount in 1962, the chain was renamed Rite Aid 6 years later.  They have market capitalization of over 1 billion dollars and rivals include CVS and Walgreens.  Rite Aid is considered the third largest drug store chain in the United States.  They offer careers in retail, pharmacy, corporate and distribution & logistics.

What you will need to gain acess to the Rite Aid Associate Portal

  • Your User ID
  • Your Password
  • Internet Connection

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