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Parade Health Care with Frank Lalli

Here is your chance to ask any and all questions related to saving money on Health Care.  The Parade Health Care site allows you to submit a question to Health Care expert Frank Lalli.  Frank Lalli, is a former editor of Money magazine and author of an upcoming book on finding affordable healthcare.  He will take on all question through the month of October.  Just type you question and click on the submit button.  Once you submit the question you should see the wording  “Thank you for submitting your question”.

Parade Magazine

If you’re looking for the latest celebrity news, entertaining videos, fabulous food recipes, quick health tips or just interesting articles please check out the Parade Magazine.  Parade Magazine is one of the most popular read magazine in the U.S. even though there is a significant amount of advertising for consumer products.  It is estimated that Parade has a circulation of 32.5 million and a readership of nearly 60 million.  This magazine can be found in many Sunday newspaper across the country.


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