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The US Airways Paperless Pay website provides secure access to view your payroll information and manage your account online.  You will need the following information in order to access your account:

  • Internet access
  • US Airways Badge Number (please note that your badge number will start with a ‘2’ or ‘3)
  • Your Password

You will also need your employee ID.  You can locate your employee ID in MyHR or on the top of your paper pay statement labeled as “Employee No.”.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher in order to use the site.  Please note that  is protected by industry standard SSL encryption so you’re in good hands.

US Airways:

US Airways is based out of Tempe AZ and was founded under the name All American Aviation in 1937.  The company did not change the name to US Airways until 1996.    The company is owned and operated by the US Airways Group and they have hubs at the following airports:

  • Charlotte/Douglas International Airport
  • Philadelphia International Airport
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Popular slogans through the years consisted of “Clear Skies Ahead”, “Now our smile is even wider” and “USAir Begins With You”.

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