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About:  The Gold Rush Strike Gold Sweepstakes is sponsored by the Discovery Store and Discovery Adventures. allows a person to sign up for the sweepstakes for a chance to win a 16GB tablet, a 32GB touchscreen media device or a 16GB MP3 player.  To register a person will have to provide their name and email address.  Once registered the user will need to watch Gold Rush on Fridays at 9pm and obtain the code given on during the show.  The codes will be released twice during the show, once during the first half and once during the second half.  It does not appear that mail entries are allowed in the Gold Rush Strike Gold Sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes will run from December 7, 2012 until January 6, 2013.  Please note that only ONE entry is allowed per email address and any attempt to break the rules by using multiple/different email addresses, identities, registrations and logins, or any other methods will void that entrant’s entries and that entrant may be disqualified.  To enter and win you must be a legal resident of the United States and a subscriber to the Discover Chanel as of October 4, 2012.  Winners will be notified by email or phone and prizes will be received within 8 to 10 weeks from 01-06-13.   The Gold Rush Give Away is administered by ePrize, Inc..


Discover Channel:  This popular satellite and cable specialty channel company was founded in 1985 and is best known for documentaries aimed at young families and younger audiences.  Popular shows include Gold Rush, Shark Week and Deadliest Catch.  Sister channels associated with the Discovery Channel include TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Fit & Health and Military Channel.  Please consult your local cable provider for information about obtaining these networks.

Vitals: – Your Total Rewards


About: requires either Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (or higher) or Netscape Navigator 7.2 (or higher) and allows a user to check their total rewards online.  A User ID is required in order to login.  All new user will have to take a few minutes out of their busy day to register.  Please note that you will need the last four number of your SSN and you date of birth in order to start the registration process.  The birthdate needs to be listed in the mm-dd-yyyy format.  The site is powered by Hewitt Associates LLC and is registered by Bimbo Bakeries USA which is a popular distributer and marketer of yummy breads, cakes and cookies.  Popular brands under the Bimbo Bakeries name include Thomas, Arnold, Boboli, Entenmann’s, Brownberry and Maier’s.  The goal of the company is to bring together America’s favorite baked goods under one roof and line their pockets with money at the same time.  Bakery items found in kitchen throughout the US distributed by Bimbo include: breads, rolls, muffins, cookies, donuts, specialty desserts, hearty good snack and many more.

Hewitt Associates:  Hewitt is a popular human capital and management consulting service company.  They were founded in 1940 and are based out of Lake Forest IL.  They have an operating revenue in the Billions and run sites like for major companies who choose to outsource the work.  The firm was founded by a Mr. Edwin “Ted” Hewitt.



  • Competition:  n/a
  • Products:   human resource consulting
  • Address:  n/a
  • Phone: n/a
  • – Pita Pit Rewards Program

About: allows a qualified Pita Pit customer to access their reward program information online.  Please note that not all Pita Pit locations offer this rewards program as of right now.  If you are lucky enough to be a part of this program please create an account online at to reap your benefits.  To register you will need your Pita Pit Rewards Program number, the card pin (found on the back of the card), your name and information, a valid email address and working Internet connection.  You will also be given the offer to sign up for special offers by email.  The Pita Card allows a user to earn free food by earning points on the card.   Every time the use spends $1 they will earn 1 point.  Collect enough points to earn free food at the Pita Pit!  The card can also be used to as a gift card and load money onto it to give as a gift or use yourself.  This card is a must for anyone who frequents the Pita Pit on a regular basis.  The card is free and Pita Pit Rewards Cards do not expire.  What can you get with your rewards points?  Here is a detailed list:

  • Standard Pita / Fork Style 90 Points
  • 6” Pita / Kids Pita 70 Points
  • 32 oz Fountain Drink 30 Points
  • Bag of Chips 15 Points
  • Fresh Baked Cookie 10 Points


Pita Pit:  If your looking for a healthy alternative to greasy, high fat fast food restaurants give the Pita Pit a try.  They provide some pretty darn good pita’s that are healthy, fresh, and still served fast.  These Lebanese-style pitas are big on taste and light ton calories and saturated fat.  The company started in Canada and moved down to the United States in 1997.


  • Competition: Pita House, Pita Jungle
  • Products:   Lebanese-style pitas
  • Address:  105 North 4th Street, Suite 208, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
  • Phone:  208.765.3326
  • Fax: 208.667.7694
  • or

[nokia-maps template=”” sizes=”{‘width’: ‘auto’,’height’: ‘370’}” href=”;context=Zmxvdy1pZD00Nzk5ZTNlMC1mODJiLTQ1MjAtYmM0ZS1hNjI5Nzc3Nzk0OGJfMTM1MjE2OTAyODgwN18wXzgzODcmcmFuaz0w” zoomLevel=”16″ tileType=”map” ] – Paw Points Rewards

About: allows a user to redeem their reward points for awesome rewards!  Each time you make a FreshStep purchase you earn points that can be redeemed for cool rewards like a Scoop N Hide Litter Scoop, Cats Rule Perfect Litter Mat – Neutral Stripe, Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine Subscription and a 14lb box of FREE Fresh Step Scoopable.  A user can sign in with their email address and password.  You can also link Paw Points Rewards to your Facebook page if you have one.  If rewards are not your thing you can also redeem your Paw Points for sweepstakes entries!   Each month the prizing changes so make sure you get in on the action by redeeming your points for a chance to win.  Please note that each entry will cost you 15 paw points… make sure you spend your points wisely.  A user can enter the monthly sweepstakes up to 10 times in any given day.  Paw Point members also have the option to upload a picture of their cat to  Or you can get crazy and add a picture of your cat to your personal reward items.  You might need help if you choose this route.


FreshStep:  FS uses the highest quality clay and crystal ingredients to make your cats liter virtually impossible to smell.  The scoopable litters now have odor-eliminating carbon for maximum odor control so you will never have to deal with that embarrassing cat odor at your diner parties ever again.  Fresh Step can be found at the following popular department stores:  Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, PetCO, PetSmart, BJ’s and Sams Club.


  • Competition:PetSmart, PetCO
  • Products:   cat liter products
  • Address:  n/a
  • Phone:  n/a