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Cell Phone Finder Detective

  • he cell phone finder detective web site is one of the best resources to find the owner of a cell phone number
  • Phone Detective is the longest standing cell phone number lookup tool (while other cell phone search sites have come and gone, they have lasted)
  • Cell Phone Detective offers better pricing and more comprehensive research tools than any other online cell phone search site, and i backed up by one of the best databases

People who need to find information about a cell phone number fast won’t find a better resource than Cell Phone Detective. Cell Phone Detective uses an extensive database and has been the most trusted cell phone finder services for several years. In July of 2013, Reverse Phone Detective greatly updated their database plus improved their web site user interface (to make searching for cell phone numbers easier) plus added several new resource tools, moving them to  the number one position for cell phone search sites.

  • Reverse Phone Detective also recently updated their cell phone number owner search algorithm to make it more efficient at pinpointing the right owner information
  • Cell Phone Detective’s database is known in the industry easily the most complete and extensive database available today

What Can the Cell Phone Detective Database be used for?

Many employers use Cell Phone Detective to run background checks on employees, find old school friends, look up a cell phone number that’s been calling, find family members in an emergency, and a number of other reasons.

  • Cell Phone Detective’s database works with all major cell phone carriers and networks

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  1. – Order Now Get Free Bonus Item

Buy Underlight

  • Visit the Buy Underlight web site to purchase Underlight, motion activated accent lighting
  • Underlight  is a LED light that runs off of batteries, and attaches anywhere with peel and stick adhesive
  • Underlight is easy to install anywhere in a home and doesn’t require plugs, tools or an electrician

Most people install their Underlights is places like the cabinets and stairs, or under a bed, in doorways and steps that are usually dark, or to give a designer look to a bar or outdoor grill island. The Underlight can’t get wet, but it can be used outdoors, so decks, patios, and umbrellas are all great choices as well.

Customers who order online through the Underlight web site will get a 12 inch Underlight strip, a power base, a motion sensor, an elbow connector, and a free bonus 12 inch Underlight strip. Underlight can’t be purchased in stores.

The Underlight sensors are set at  4.5 LUX, meaning that if it’s in an area where there is already light, the sensors won’t register motion. Underlight needs a very low level of ambient light to work properly. The Underlight battery pack is a good bit heavier than the lights, so it’s recommended to screw the battery pack to a hard surface. The Underlight system needs around 15 seconds to recycle every time  it shuts off, so there may be a delay sometimes when walking by.

What kind of guarantee does Underlight have?

Every Underlight purchase made online comes with a 30 day money back guarantee (minus any processing and handling charges). Orders shipped to Florida and Nevada will have sales tax added, and a $10 shipping charge will be applied to all orders going to the non continental United States and California.


  1. – Electrolux Ice Maker Class Action Lawsuit

Ice Maker Settlement

A defective ice maker is the crux of the lawsuit entitled In re: Electrolux Home Products Ice Maker Cases which is pending on the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.  Class members contend that Electrolux sold and deceptively designed, and manufactured “French Door” refrigerators that contained a ice maker that did not work.  The ice maker in the cross hairs of the class members is called a Gen 1 Ice Maker and was installed in Crosley, Electrolux or Frigidaire “French Door” refrigerator-freezer units.  Obviously Electrolux denies any action of wrong doing but has agreed to a settlement in order to avoid uncertain and ongoing expenses.

Impoartant Dates Associated With The Electrolux Ice Maker Class Action Lawsuit

  • Anyone looking to opt out of the settlement proposed by Electrolux will have until Jan. 4, 2016 to do so (must class members would be wise to file a claim in the case rather than opt out)
  • All claim forms are due no later than 2/3/2016
  • The settlement fairness hearing will take place on 2/10/16 (Ice Maker Settlement members are not required to attend)

Any questions about the case can be directed to a Electrolux Ice Maker Class Action Lawsuit claims agent at 1-877-315-9961.  Please mail all written correspondence to include the claim form to: Independent Claims Administrator, P.O. Box 2446, Faribault, MN 55021-9140.  Class members who file a claim in the case will be represented by NAGEL RICE LLP and POULOS LOPICCOLO PC.  Class members who file valid claims will receive a $100 cash benefit PLUS a possible $100 rebate the future purchase of qualifying Electrolux or Frigidaire appliances.

Class members in the case are defined as anyone who at any point in time purchased a Gen 1 FDBM refrigerator-freezer unit from Electrolux that contained a Gen 1 Ice Maker.  The serial number is required when filing a claim to prove a purchase was made.

References – American Girl Truly AwesoME Sweepstakes

American Girl Truly Awesome

Enter this sweepstakes until August 12, 2015 for a chance to win a variety of American Girl prizes.  The promotion is American Girl Brands, LLC (headquartered at 8400 Fairway Place, Middleton, WI 53562) and started on 5/21/15.  Prizes draws in the American Girl sweepstakes will start on 5/29/15 and will occur every 7 days with the last one taking place on  7/14/15.

American Girl Truly AwesoME Sweepstakes Rules

  • Must be 18 years of age or older and a LEGAL resident of the US
  • The contestants are not required to be a girl
  • By accepting a prize associated with the American Girl promo the contestants aka winner’s parent/legal guardian consents (and agrees to confirm such consent in writing) to the use of his/her child/ward’s name, photo and/or likeness for advertising and promotional purposes in any and all media without additional consideration, except where prohibited by law (federal and or state)
  • Winners who fail to claim a prize within 10 days of notification will be dismissed from the American Girl Truly awesome promotion
  • There will be twelve (12) weekly random drawings from among all eligible entries received during the corresponding Weekly Entry Period on or about the Drawing Dates noted above to determine the winners for the Sweepstakes (reference Table 1 under the American Girl Promo rules under references for weekly prize details)
  • The rules of the promo are governed and under the jurisdiction of Dane County, Wisconsin

Popular prizes that can be won in the Truly Awesome Sweepstakes include a Sparkle Sweater Outfit with Special Extras collection (Double Braided Headband, Hairstyle Tools, Sparkle Socks & Leggings, and Silver Sparkle Beanie) with a Shine Bright book | Truly Me Sport Storage Bench (great for boys) | American Girl Flamingo Beach Dress for doll and girl | Blanket set (helpful in getting a good night sleep).  All winner lists request associated with the Truly Awesome promotion must be made in writing before 10/15/15.

References – Goodyear / Dunlop Tires JP Morgan Retirement Plan


Goodyear Saving to Retire

The Goodyear / Dunlop Tires JP Morgan Retirement Plan services site provides user with retirement services online.  The service is free to use to all Goodyear and Dunlop Tires retirees.  From the homepage a user can view and update the Total Wealth Summary of all available accounts on a single page.  The site services include:

  • Account Names and Balances
  • Account List Total and as-of date
  • Summary Information including vesting
  • asset allocation and online statements
  • Updates section, featured articles and online tools to help account management a breeze

Please use the sidebar option to see account details and manage a Saving to Retire account.  To view an account online from the Saving to Retire homepage simply 1.Log on and navigate to My Accounts Homepage, 2.Select the Account or Plan name to access the Account and then 3.Utilize the Account Detail and Account Management links to manage your accounts online.

The service is simple to use and any financial transaction that are made through th Goodyear saving to retire site will be provided with a confirmation number.  It is advised the user writes the number down in case it is needed for further use.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

This tire company was founded in 1898 and is Simply known as Goodyear among their customers.  Goodyear manufactures tires for automobiles, race cars, big rigs, farm equipment and even airplanes.


  • Goodyear / Dunlop Tires JP Morgan Retirement PlanAutomated service1-800-345-234524 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • – International Paper Retirement Services

My IP Retirement (Last Update April 12, 2016)

  • The International Paper Retirement service site allows a user to perform a variety of activities related to their retirement account
  • The My IP Retirement service is operated by J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services LLC and requires a username/password to sign in

First time users will have to set up site access by providing the default username and password they were provided.  Please note the initial Username and Password is typically provided in the International Paper Retirement Services welcome materials.

International Paper Retirement Plan Online Services:

  • Gain access to in-depth investment education services
  • View retirement and savings accounts and update IPR information
  • Plan for the future with life event information and tools
  • Perform account online transactions
  • Any questions about the service can be directed to Retiree Service Center 888-ESC-2YOU 888-372-2968

International Paper Company (aka IPC) is an American pulp and paper company and is considered a global leader in paper and packaging products.  The company was founded in 1898 out of the sleepy little town of Corinth, New York, United States as a result of a merge between 18 little pulp and paper mills in the northeastern United States.  The individual that is given credit for forming the firm is one Mr. William Augustus Russell who died in 1899 only a year after the company was formed.  IPC is now headquartered in Memphis TN and has over 60,000 employees.

International Paper has a number of competitors in the paper industry to include:

  • MeadWestvaco Corporation
  • Kymmene Oyi
  • Packaging & Containers

The company is defined as a consumer Good and mass produces containerboards, including linerboard, medium, whitetop and recycled linerboard.  IPC sells to end users and indirectly though agents and paper distributors.  The company can be found at: International Paper Company 6400 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38197.  Besides North America the firm has paper mills and operations in Europe, Latin America, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East


  • International Paper Employee Service Center Pension Services P.O. Box 7870 Ocala, FL 34478-7870
  • JPMorgan Retirement Plan Services 800-345-2345

Associated Links: – Toll Bill Payment Center

Pay NETRM Toll (Last Update April 12, 2016)

If your a resident in the North East Texas area and use the toll roads you can pay your bill online at the Toll Bill Payment Center site.  Please note that all drivers who use toll roads without having a valid TxTag, TollTag or EZ Tag will receive toll bills through the Pay By Mail program.  The online payment process will only take a minute to complete and the Municipal Services Bureau will have the payment posted to your account in about 1 to 2 business days.  When making a payment online you will need a valid credit card or debit card (see more information about accepted cards below).  The following will be needed to make a payment online:

  1. six-character reference number and license plate number (these numbers can be found on your toll bill)
  2. a valid checking or savings account that is associated with a check (you will need the routing and account number)
  3. a debit or credit card (the Total Bill Payment Center will accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover)

If you do not have the reference or plate number please dial toll-free 888-923-2808 for customer assistance.

It is recommended all payments be made online if possible.  If making a payment by mail please allow for a minimum of 5 business days for the payment to arrive and be posted to your account.  If you would like the to make the payment in person you can do so at any ACE Cash Express store (see associated links for ACE Cash locations)

Northeast Texas Regional Mobility Authority

This independent government agency was formed in 2002 and is charged with the task of collecting toll payments in the counties of Williamson and Travis.  The Municipal Services Bureau is considered the payment process for the authority.  Please note that all toll bills are expected to be paid in full within 30 days.  If the toll is not paid timely please expect a $15 administrative penalty.


  • Municipal Services Bureau, NETRMA Processing, PO BOX 16777, Austin, TX 78761-6777
  • (888) 923-2808

Associated Links: – Phillips Medisize Workday


My Workday Phillips Medisize

All Phillips Workday users can access their account online with a user name and password.  Please note that if you are accessing the site from your home computer you will need to download Firefox from the following website:  If you do not have Firefox installed the site may not function properly.  From time to time the Phillips Midsize Workday website will be unavailable due to site maintenance.  Please check the bottom portion of the website to view when the next Weekly Service Update will be.  The updates usually occur on a Friday and last from 7:00 p.m. PST (GMT -8) to 11:00 p.m. PST (GMT -8).   During this update you will not be able to access the My Workday site.

Phillips-Medisize is built on is treating people with respect and has over 3100 employees at 14 facilities world-wide.  Phillips-Medisize Corporation, as an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate based on a disability or handicap status although potential employees may be asked to take a drug test previous to employment.

Phillips-Medisize Corporation

This world-wide company provides outsourced design and manufacturing services to medical and commercial markets.  Popular products sold by Phillips Medisize include medical device, diagnostics, drug delivery products, and primary pharmaceutical packaging.  The firm does over 500 million dollars in sales per year with 75% of sales coming from core products such as drug delivery and medical devices.  On 01/3/14 it was announced that Phillips-Medisize received the Environmental Award for the Third Year in a Row.  All major Phillips-Medisize manufacturing facilities are based in the state of Wisconsin (there is also one in Mexico and one in China).

Other products produced by the firm include:

  • surgical instruments
  • glucose meters
  • spinal surgery kits and inhalers
  • military communication components
  • infusion pumps
  • pharmaceutical packaging solutions

Phillips-Medisize is currently looking to expand in Asia and are a private firm at this time.


  • Phillips Medisize Phone:  877.508.0252
  • 715.381.3290 fax
  • Corporate Office Address: 1201 Hanley Road Hudson, Wisconsin 54016
  • any questions about employment can be directed to

Associated Links: – Baxter Your Benefits


Baxter Benefits Online

All US based Baxter employees can register for an online account that allows them to view work related information online with My Benefits at Baxter.  The site is easy to use and is intended for use by Baxter employees only.  If you have any issues with the site please dial 224-948-2000 for assistance or see your Baxter HR department.

Baxter US

Baxter is a health care research and design firm that provides medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, including specialty biologics issues.  The company primarily focuses in the treatment of chronic and acute medical conditions.  Baxter is based out of Deerfield IL and has around 50,000 employees.  Major diseases the firm attempts to treat include:

  • kidney disease
  • speclai immune disorders
  • end-stage renal disease
  • hemophilia

The company was formed by a Dr Donald Baxter in 1931.  The company was soon bought out by Ralph Falk four years later in 1935.  Baxter was the first health care company to produce a functioning artificial kidney and are known for developing a vacuum-type collection container that allowed researches to store blood for weeks instead of overs back in the 1930’s.  Batxer is a member a Fortune 500 company and can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under BAX.


  • Baxter Phone:  800-422-9837 (800-4Baxter)
  • Fax: 800-568-5020
  • Corporate Office Address: One Baxter Parkway, Deerfield, IL 60015-4625

Associated Links: – Ford Benefits Online


Ford Online Benefits

Ford employees can obtain employment related information online at the My Ford Benefits web page.  The site is free to use and a brief registration process is required.  Once a user has signed up they can gain access to employee benefit information to include health and welfare, pay check information, register for or update your e-mail notifications, update account preferences and communications, change a user id and much more.  The site also provides an online orientation video for new users to help them better under stand how to use the Ford Benefits website.

Please note that you will need Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer in order to run and access the site.  Any questions about you pay checks should be directed to your local human resource department.  The Ford Motor Company established this website to make it easier for their employees to access benefit information and to help them make benefit decisions throughout their career.

Ford Motor Company

This popular automotive company is based out of Dearborn, MI and has over 170,000 employees.  The firm was founded in 1903 and offers many different types of automotive financing products to and through Ford dealers.  Main competitors to the firm include:

  • Chrysler Group LLC (privately held)
  • General Motors
  • Toyota

One of the first automobiles ever produced in the United States was the Ford Model T.  The Model T featured a engine with a removable cylinder head which no other car had equipped at that time.


  • Ford Phone:  313-322-3000
  • Corporate Office Address: One American Road Dearborn, MI 48126

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