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ASHLink Login

Allows you to access ASHLink with your login credentials or if you have received your ASHLink information, you can Activate your account.  If you are a an existing ASH Practitioner and lost or never received your account information package please contact a customer service rep at (800) 972-4226 for assistance (see other numbers below if your speciality is not Acupuncture).  Alternatively you can also email a ASHLink customer care agent at  Assuming you’re a returning user you will need the following information in order to Log In:

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Pin #

Using this service will allow you to submit a claim and receive a payment as quickly as possible.  There is no need to deal with bothersome forms or paperwork.  There are no fees associated with joining ASH and your participation is non-exclusive.


This popular paperless service allows doctors to access  information and conduct business electronically.  A user can perform a variety of time-saving task with the ASHLink service to include: verifying patient benefit information, submitting forms and claims, set up direct deposit to get paid quickly and special promotions for Value-Added Vendors.

Associated Links:

  • ASHLink by mail: American Specialty Health, P.O. Box 509001, San Diego, CA. 92150-9001
  • Other number per sepciality:
  1. Chiropractic – (800) 972-4226
  2. Dietetics – (800) 972-4226
  3. Massage Therapy – (800) 972-4226
  4. Naturopathy – (800) 972-4226
  5. Fitness Club – (877) 329-2746